domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Video: the classic innovative media

Hi, I’m Cristina and this time I am going to summarize what Friday 9 March was about since as Linda said the star of each group had to make a little report about the topic.

Everyone can choose what they want to see in every moment of your life for fun, because there is much variety to choose from.
With advances in technology, we could get to see what we want in any place where we are.
New technologies can be used worldwide. In the field of education the teacher can support their education in technology, but it can never be used alone to teach.
Many teachers make the mistake of using the videos as a remedy for not having to teach, but the methods they use are outdated, do not know how to use the technologies, the videos are too long and incomprehensible to children, teachers choose when, where and what children have to watch.
Other mistakes made by teachers is that some believe that not all subjects may come to use technology and above all, a video does not replace a teacher, but also helps students better understand the teacher.
Internet for children and teachers can find information and videos to supplement their study and teaching and to further develop their knowledge.

See you soon, Cristina

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