martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Dinosaurs Stop Motion

Hey, Juan here from Broken Dreams introducing our Dinosaurs Stop Motion. The short is called “Love at first sight” and I think title describes all movie contents very well. I have to admit the video is very basic and photos were taken with an old camera so this is the reason because of there are some blurred images and interruptions when characters carry out their movements. On the other hand, due to there is no conversation throughout the video we decided to make a kind of “film-style” and, consequently, as we can see at the beginning, after the titles and the presentation, we have put a member cast in which dinosaurs' main features are explained since we do not have to forget the video must include educative contents.
Making a Stop Motion has been a great experience, I had made some Stop Motions before but they were very brief because I got bored rapidly when I had taken one or two hundred photos but this time I have been more patient and I got taking all photos without any problems. I think it is a good method to bring new knowledge to children in a technological way.

I hope you will enjoy it as we have enjoyed making it.  

P.S.: Ah! Do not forget to read credits; our recording partners had funny names! ;-)
P.P.S.: I highly recommend going to YouTube and watching the video in 1080p High Definition. Here you have the direct link: Dinosaurs Stop Motion - Love at First Sight

All the best,

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