viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

The Beatles Pechakucha

Hi there, this is Juan again and this time I am going to show you our Pechakucha about The Beatles. We are actualizing the whole blog so please do not be stunned if you see old posts like this being published now. I think Pechakucha does not need any presentation, all the information is included in the own video and, therefore, thank you very much for spending your time watching it.

P.S.: There is one mistake at 1:40 minute, I said Technological Content but it is wrong, I wanted to say Technological Knowledge but I do not know how I finished saying another thing, please sorry for that silly error.
P.S.S.: We are aware of the video’s bad quality. As you know, YouTube compresses videos so much and, consequently, the result is poor resolution and terrible sound. I think if you try to watch the video in 480p with full screen mode it seems quality improves a little, but no so much.
I hope you will like it, Enjoy it!
Juan, from Broken Dreams ;-)

2 comentarios:

  1. I f a pechakucha doesn't need an oral presentation IS NOT a pechakucha... a pechakucha is an oral presentation format itself!

  2. I think you have not understood that sentence in the way I wanted to transmit it. I wanted to say that Pechakucha format does not need any presentation in the post because we know in advance what this kind of explanation is about, and therefore, I find ridiculous explaining that Pechakucha is a format constituted by 6’40’’ and so on… as well as copying the whole information from the video again by written in the post. Of course Pechakucha need an oral presentation, that is so obvious, but as you can see the oral presentation is recorded and included in the video. In fact, if I had said Pechakucha does not need any oral presentation, why have Cristina and I recorded the video with voice and oral presentation?