lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012


This week we have had two beginners: Cristina and Paloma. We divided the work in two parts:
Juan and Cristina have made the first part of the work. It was about the relationship between The Beatles and the beatlemania and the TPCK theory.
Paloma and I have made the second part. It was about the relationship between The Beatles and beatlemania and the curriculum implantation.

Each little group has done slides of their topic and all of us have sent our part in PowerPoint to Juan. He has corrected it and has made a good presentation in PowerPoint.
Finally, we have met and each little group has explained their part of work and when we have learnt all the work, we have prepared the oral exposition.
Personally, I hope that the exposition it will be successful because we have worked a lot this week.

Written by: Adriana Guillén Martinez.

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  1. I hope you could be aware about the delay that you have in your blog... aren't you?

    Remember, it is a continous assessment, so don't try to pass the course in the last moment, would be too late.