lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Last week role: Star.

My role last week was to be a Star and to show a pechakucha about ``The Beatles and The Beatlemania´´ with my colleague Cristina .

But ``what is pechakucha ?´´ you may wonder it, well honestly I didn't know that before linda's explanation on the 26th Friday of February but now I can try to sum up for you; a pechakucha is a kind of oral presentation in which there are many fixed features:

1- Number of slides: exactly 20 slides.

2- Time per slide: 20 second each slide.

3- Number of speakers: in this presentation, two speakers.

4- Intercalary speakers' times to talk about their specific slides.

From my point I have found some difficulties that can be solved in a future pechakucha. First, when I explained my slides of ``The Beatles and The Beatlemania´´ pechakucha the day of the presentation I had more than 20 slides and for this reason it was a bit confused to talk about slides that I could not prepare in a proper way and second, many slides had not the correct time and due to this fact I could not talk in the accurate time assigned to each slide.

Finally I like the theoretical part of the pechakucha becuase I have discovered the importance of TPCK and Curriculum Implementation' theories in a educational work .

See you ,

Paloma Mª

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