domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Analyst from 19 to 23

Hello all people, I'm Cristina, the analyst of this week.

When I finish it, Juan and me we will have finished updating the blog, I'm sorry because we could do it before.

So, this week, we have done an oral presentation in laptop "The Beatles and Beatlemania" which is pur work of Pechacucha.

When we were recording it, we had a problem because Pechacucha is a presentation where people who were presenter were Paloma and me, but we had problems because we had to delete some slices and all our work changed.

In the other hand, when Juan and me were recording it, we had a good time but we had to stop the recording in a few times, but I think that we did a good work.

This week Juan and me have done an excellent work because we recorded the Pechacucha presentation and we did all the post in the blog.

Juan and me are working so hard in this subject, I think that we are doing it very well.

So, see you next week

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