viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

This week analysis.

This week I have been the analyst of my group.

These are my thoughts about Broken Dreams group work during this week:

What was the best part of the activity? The best part of the activity this week has been the interesting approach that has been explained at class.

o What was the worse? From my point of view I think that the worse thing has been the fact that we only have watched slides to put and for this reason is more difficult to put in practice the concepts that have been explained this week.

o What was the best moment of the week (in the work of the group)? And what was the worse? Well, I consider that this week we haven’t made any group activity about this subject and for that reason we haven’t any opinion about this topic.

o What have you learnt? We have learned about a new kind of approach about not only the implementation of technology in the classroom but also to know the different variables that are related to the process of teaching and learning in an educational context.

o What do you need to conserve -as a group- for the next weeks? In my opinion we have to conserve our motivation for making the practices, as last week did.

o What do you need to improve –as a group- for the next weeks? Finally I think that we can improve as a group a more flexible distribution of our group work attending to each role's objectives and work.

See you,

Paloma Mª

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