viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

My experience as facilitator.

Last week I was facilitator of my group. I think that it isn't difficult because my group worked together and when we coldn't finish our work, we did it in our houses.

In my opinion, I hadn't had a lot of problems to divide "homework".  All people worked and finished their work in time. Then I hadn't get some idea what I must do, but I tryed to watch my partners and I helped them when they couldn't do something.

Juan was "Star", I think that he did it gorgeuos, he and me sent e-mails with work and we completed our labor. He is excellent with laptop and he gave way to work, I liked it.

Adriana was "Analyst" she worked well, she went to all classes and she tryed to understand English and to do our labor.

Paloma was "Journalist" she worked well, but she didn't know how she must to do a summary, but she tryed to do it.

I think that last week our presentation was very good, Juan did his labor so good and me and my other partners did our parts well. I have a good feeling with the group. But we must work hardly.

I like working as facilitator because I love having everithing under control. We did a very goog labor.

I have searched what a lider must to do and I saw it.

A good lider must know:

It is in Spanish, I'm sorry, but it says that a lider must know:

  1. Know what she/he wants.
  2. Be a team player.
  3. Not be afraid of the risk.
  4. Be loyal and honest.
  5. Like new challenges.
  6. Know his/her weakness.
  7. Know his/her qualities.

See you next week,
Cristina :)

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