viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Analysis TPCK Practice.

Hello, I am Adriana Guillén Martínez, this week I have been a analyst of my group. Now, I am going to introduce you to my analyst:

1.- What was the best part of the activity?

The best part of the activity was when we did the work because each of us gave his/ her information and we could learn a lot.

2.- What was the worst part? The worst part this week has been that each of us must read in his / her house one part of the work and you could not ask your colleagues if you had any doubt or you want comment some interesting.

3.- What was the best moment of the week? When we helped each other to start to do the scheme of the work. We were really enjoyed.

4.- What have you learnt? Professionally, we have learnt the importance to the teachers` pedagogical knowledge, the content knowledge and finally, the technological knowledge (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge TPCK), according to Punya Mishra and Matthew Koehler' theory which had been influenced by Shuman's theory. Personally, we have known more about ourselves and we have learnt to work in group in an efficacy way.

5.- What do you need to keep -as a group- for the next week? We must work in group always, although each of us have their own task, we must think that the work belongs to all the members of the group.

6.- What do you need to improve - as a group- for the next weeks? For the next weeks I think that we must help more to starts of the group, because his task is the most important and reflect the work of the week.

Written by Adriana Guillén Martínez.

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