lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

My weekly role: The star.

Being a star is not an easy job and as I noticed the star’s labour may be more difficult than I expected. The main matter of this week has been the TPCK Speed Dating so my principal aim was the preparation of a well-made presentation. In reference to this point, being the presenter has some commitments: first of all, you HAVE to know about you are trying to explain, therefore, you don't have any other choice but to read several times the text and doing some rehearsals in order to get self-confidence and some basic knowledge. In fact, the more preparation you spend in your explanation, the more confident and clear will be your speech.
 There is another regard which results so interesting and it is the nerves avoidance; we can talk about the whole text but, however, nerves impede us to make a good presentation, that’s a pity! Consequently, nerves controlling will be another of the main star’s obligations. In reference to nerves… what happen when we are so nervous and we have no words to describe our explanation? One of the main results from this situation is the lack of attention. In this way, the star of the group has not only to prepare his exposition, speed dating in the case which we are dealing with, and trying to remove her nerves but she also has to grab the audience’s attention. Thus, the star has to create a bidirectional explanation and also making some gestures because we should remember that the talk-show moderator is also a person who has feelings and movements and he is entitled to show them in regard to what he is explaining. 
Once I have written about what the star work is, I am going to make my personal opinion after having occupied this job during this week. First, I have to say that I like to be the group’s star, I like to improvise all contents and, although I have a subject’s mental scheme I finish improvising all the things which I say. On one hand, I have to say that five minutes are not enough time in order to make a good presentation as I wanted to make and, indeed, you have no time to make questions, to ask to the audience or to create a good attention relationship between the star and viewers. On the other hand, I have to admit despite the short amount of time and all the information which I tried to say, people looked so interested (or they act very well…haha) in the poster and speech. What else? ...I think that’s all! Finally, I hope next group’s members will do also a good labor as star ;-).


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