jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Manel Rives mentions us on Twitter and Tumblr

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Manel’s mention on Twitter
Manel Rives has mentioned El Pensamiento Ajeno Blog on his social and work networks: Twitter and Tumblr.  We are very proud of this reference because it means a lot for us, especially because we obtain a reward from our effort and, in the current case it seems that Manel loved our post about him. From our point of view, we enjoyed writing and making that blog entry since we like Manel’s labour and we wanted to make a little recognition summarizing Manel’s methodology and also his workshop.
From Broken Dreams we wish best of luck to Manel and we hope he will get the success which he deserves because that methodology is worth its weight in gold ;-)
Manel’s mention on Tumblr

See you soon, Broken Dreams ;-)

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