jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

The Dark Side of Textbooks

Hi, this is Juan and here I am editing our post about The Dark Side of Textbooks. I have to say I was not satisfied with our commercials’ presentation so this is the reason because of I decided to make an original and well-made blog entry. First of all, as you can see, all our spots begin with the same words; Learn to distrust textbooks, Learn to not memorize word by word, Learn to know all textbooks do not transmit knowledge in the same way, and finally, we have added another advert whose title is Learn to use textbooks as a complementary material.
Consequently, these four spots constitute a commercial package which we have named “Learn to…” and it is about The Dark Side of Textbooks. As you can observe, each video displays the same structure; firs; title, then; plot with video and finally; moral and summary. Adverts are a little bit inspired in DGT and Spain’s government commercials because I think the way which these spots use to transmit information is highly clear and direct.

Hope you will like this commercial package, enjoy it!

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