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What is the Finnish Educational System?

 The Finnish Educational System (FES) is one of the best educative structures in the world, according to the results which have been obtained from PISA report. On of the most important points which makes that Finnish Educational System is so extraordinary is the great basic formation which it provides to children. Next, we are going to see what this educational organization is about and how it is being compared to the Spanish Educational System.

-          The first point is languages, Finnish Educational System pay a lot of attention to languages and, therefore, English or Swedish is the second required language in classes.  Here, in Spain, children learn English or French as the second language, but it only focuses on grammar and vocabulary, oral language development is among absent.
-          Finnish bilingual groups are supported from pre-primary education. Here in Spain bilingual education is not compulsory and it does not start until primary or secondary education.
-          Sometimes, Finnish classes are also supported by a second teacher who tries to adapt the teaching and learning process to those children who have necessities in order to prevent the school failure. In Spain a second teacher is only demanded when the situation becomes extremely serious.
-          In Finland, schooling is not compulsory until the age of 7 years since FES conceives that children have not acquired the correct level of development. In Spain, compulsory education starts at 6 years old.
-          The time of break is divided in periods of 15 minutes per 45 minutes of class. In Spain, children usually have two hours of class, then, 30 minutes of break and, finally, two hours and a half of class again.
-          Finnish schools have their own counsellor-psychologist in order to prevent and treat troubles. Spanish schools also have their own counsellor-psychologist.
-          Teaching degree is five years long in Finland, and students can only access to it if they get a high mark (similar mark to Medicine one in Spain) . In addition, government helps students economically; the job of teacher is well-recognized in this country. In Spain, teaching degree is four years long, students do not have to get a great mark to enter, in fact, it is one of the lowest, the government does not give any economical help and, in addition, people conceive teachers as people with a easy life, with a lot of free time and too many holidays.
-          Less than the 1% of students suffers school failure; on the contrary, in Spain the percentage of failure is 30%.
-          Finnish teachers do not need to get an opposition in order to conserve their job; they are hired by public or private schools when they finish the degree. In Spain, oppositions are compulsory if a teacher wants to work in a public school and also conserving his permanency.
-          Finnish methodology does not only conceive theoretical content as the only knowledge which children have to know, they usually use practice as a way of learning. In Spain, all subjects are based on theoretical content, especially on finishing the textbook.
-          Food, transport and schooling material is free in all cases. Here in Spain it is necessary to carry out a study in order to provide free elements.
-          The great majorities (99%) of Finnish schools are public and, therefore, they are paid by public funds and they are also free, avoiding social differences. Private Finnish schools only represent the 1% of total schools from the country. In Spain the percentage of students who attend to Private and Concertado Schools are the 48,6% of the total students.
-          Finnish government supports Education as the base of the country’s development and, therefore, this is the main reason because it carries out all these characteristics in order to foster it. On the opposite, here in Spain we are in the other way around, we carry out cuts in Education and Public Health; we put the cart before the horse.
 However, here is the principal reason because Finnish Educational System is the best in the world (he he):

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